Thursday, July 1, 2010

At least it was a pike

Not much happening with me on the fishing front.

I wish it weren't true, but it is. That's life I guess. As things start to pile up, and family responsibilities get the best of us, sometimes I guess we have to give up some of the things we love.

In this case, it's unlimited time on the water.

Nonetheless, I made it out to Madison Lake on Monday with my brother-in-law. We spent a good five hours at Madison, although an hour of it was spent enjoying a fine burger and a few cold ones at The Boat Landing before heading back onto the water.

Dave, my brother-in-law, pulled in a northern, a bass and a sheepshead on our outing, and just before the day gave way to night, I pulled in a 3.6 pound pike. Not bad. Could have been better, but not bad.

I'm hearing only scattered reports on the fishing front as well. I've had several people tell me that Lura Lake south of Mapleton is difficult to fish right now because of all the weeds. I know I've fished the south bay twice in the past month, and the weeds seem to be clearing on that end, so I'd recommend concentrating my efforts toward the Lura Lake Sportsmen's Club landing on that south side.

Sunfish action is out of control on some of the area lakes, if that is your thing. Walleye reports aren't coming across at all, so if you're still hooking into the 'eyes, feel free to drop me a line.

On a side note, John Cross spent some time with a few die-hard catfish anglers. He has something planned for this Sunday's print edition, and I believe he'll have an audio slideshow of the event. I'll post a link here when that is available.

Until then, chase some bass, the weather is perfect for it.

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  1. You should ask the DNR about the walleyes, word has it that they were gillnetting on madison lake last week for carp to feed their fish ponds in waterville and being as ignorant as they are they came to madison and set out a gill net that had so large of mesh that all they caught were 130 carp and over 60 walleyes from 5-12 pounds. Not little fish but trophy fish. I had one friend tell me about it because he seen the DNR posted boat with all these fish in their possesion. I grew up on the lake and think they used poor judgment in putting their nets there. Elysian Lake which is closer to the hatchery is plum full of 2-3 pound carp with no trophy fish to be found. Being a journalist I think this would be a great scoop for you because the DNR has yet to publicly say anything about this. Thanks for listening and wishing you tight lines.

    Troy Behsman
    Cleveland MN